Jul 25, 2010

Fortune - telling

No time to trip up the recent report
I could not describe each of my busy day
busy with school work
is the most tired
the second is
the recent gastrointestinal poor tired

let the beauty you see my homework
really very difficult challenges
any pattern
we have to paint yourself
any of the information
we read to use a pen to copy them by hand

even we are not sure
we are actually in two weeks
transcribe the notes so thick
is it really terrible?

I'm a superwoman


the teacher said that our progress soon
next month you can sign up to practice
tis is a teacher first to see the students write so fast
so we will soon be able to enter the next stage
I'm happy for it

tis morning I went to Kulai fortune
I don't know I should not have to believe
the master of all
but can't help I don't believe
he said
I have very bad feelings Road
has been to a lot of luck with the opposite sex
but they are rotten peach
I would not touch the feelings of the things this year
even the man I love is not good
my lifetime, at least 2 times miscarriage or abortion
I really feel terrible hearing
I can't accept
becoz my feelings from the past up to now really rough

personality aspects
I would like to note that patient
I'm not patient
money matters
I want to save money
I have patience to keep walking
I do this line is also facing a lot of pressure

I don't know whether to believe
but also how to face my destiny
but my heart was really nervous

I'll try to do every aspects of emergency situations
I just wish everything could well

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