Aug 29, 2010

Alcohol is not a panacea

Long suppressed emotions
in tis moment
I let myself indulge in the night

how long would not allow himself drunk
I have had a full two months didn't go clubbing
even more surprising is the
daddy promised to give me go out at midnight

perhaps because I have changed a lot of relationship
so my daddy assured me more
no longer used previously to treat me the way

tat night I drank a lot of wine
is my first day of blunders
I leave powerful spirits do not get 7-up
and has been kept continuously drink a lot of Cup
more likely to own drunk

I knew I had to walk swinging
Xing yee took me to the opposite Dolce
then I sat there in the first reeling
actually spit it out
very disgusting
I drank all the wine into the
nay not eaten all day on the relationship between drinking

tat moment really do anything
I have to die
but the hand holding the phone open facebook
Eyes a little fuzzy
I don't know what I'm writing
I'm just waiting for a person's name

sure enough
I was not disappointed
I really have to see his name appear
he also told me not to drink to go home soon
I was waiting for a response is that it
but that moment I really wanted to he would like his
as long as he appeared in front of me I will come home
I miss his voice
so I made a very impulsive thing
I called him but he didn't answer

when I was in the car the moment
I just told myself clear
I was really stupid

after I went to find a friend at ''Golden Palace''
not seen is a long lost friend ( Cky )
but the atmosphere is very right that there
so I went home half an hour

tis night

I'm not kelly

next time can no longer own a narcotic alcohol

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