Mar 30, 2011

♠ I'll slowly pick up my confidence again

Really tired recently,

I feel exhausted,no time to relax lo.

I hope tis busy time can be to a paragraph.

I want to relax their own good,

heaved a sigh of a long gas.


I really better life hard,on my face,

how long didn't show a real smile?

I really miss the smile.

Ago,if not happy,

I can still smile because of a little thing,

but now,

I found not one thing can make me smile,

are not smooth because of any.


I had no way to spare.


I could not guess always hovering in the case.


still often disagree.


I imagine it is not smooth.


there is no record of savings.

I'm very insecure,

because of my father's sake,

I have wasted even a basic savings.

I don't complain about anything,

I just want to know,

why this year from January 1 to the present,

I don't smoothly,so I really lost in confidence ady.

Whether to do something,

I'm powerless.I've been warning my own.

at this very time,

I can do is a strong point.

I can't admit defeat and can't surrender.

To believe,

as long as the trouble over the things,good things will come.

This is always the reason I hold out,

I know that if I was before,

certainly does not survive so many obstacles.

This moment,

I really think is very strong,

at least I don't want to admit defeat.

My personality is so stubborn,

I don't know is good or bad,

at least I will not easily be defeated.

The feelings,in fact,my biggest problem is not affected,

because hurt,so I want to go like before,

I will maintain the rational mind,becoz I was afraid of any harm.

Sometimes I even don't know,

I really liked,

or is it because I want to feel before transfer to another person,

sometimes think of it,still feel a dull pain in my heart,

I remember that I once loved a man.

because there are too many memories,

there are happy and unhappy,

I want to forget, very difficult,

I just do a special nostalgia.

I don't like the pursuit of new things,

I would like the old stuff.

If you know me enough,

you'll know what normal is to deliberately conceal.

I will slowly pick up my confidence again. ♥

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