Aug 3, 2011

♠ Work August to fight OT

Days into August,I feel for my work has been exhausted,but also to this period,I'm most happy is also companies pay salaries to all shift employees.When I think about these salaries with my spirit, ability, hard labor boil out of the results,I'm not willing to use the money.Really hard to work tis company la >.<

My fingers have been no human form,I looked really sad,continue to apply moisturizer every day,protect my hands.I'm worried because my hand has become rough,do you know this problem very important by beautician,beautician rely on these hands to eat.

Pray for this kind of thing does not happen to me.3 months,I only need 3 months to end this life,patience right now. July's salary total is $ 1099.For me it is still far from adequate,each receive a salary are very happy,but I don't feel that.May b picking up my first month salary,wan to pay many things.The insurance money and many thing la.

If the overtime,our salary will be between $ 1500-1600.I regret there is no overtime in July.
It doesn't matter,I can continue to fight this month,overtime does not come back.

HUH~I'm back home ady liao la,wanna sleep ady,tomoro morning hv a classes,good nitez.I'm very tough,back to work now no sleep,I don't know how to support,now finally tired.

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