Jul 15, 2011

♠ I thinks

Unspeakable emotional,wat dialect to express?

I don't understand the situation now.
Confusion of ideas, emotions, worries, fear,

in addition to these some of the trouble,
I can do something for wat? I can't said anything.

Whenever I miss you,

heart was crying fiercely,but I don't allow myself to cry for you.
Heart wounds,

is u give.and what can I leave you?

The next night,the next paragraph,the next stop.

Tell me,

does anyone make you warm?

Happy ending,eventually elusive,feelings to rest,rangers need courage,

also wan miss u?
For a long time didnot dare touch the issue,

each time there in the lonely night,
so lonely I don't care about,

too sad to cry.
Love is the beginning of a very beautiful,

the end of the unreasonable,

think is a pity.


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