Jul 20, 2011

♠ SG first time income

The first time in SG to earn income,
also my first job in Singapore.
The money for me,very Hard,Tired,
is beverages way in exchange.
I cherish these hard-earned money.

Tis is my July income,
but there the rest of the allowances, wages,
to wait until 30th to be able to take.

I only worked 7 days,
there is $ 400 new currency,
really need more work than in malaysian,
exchange rate is also high.
RM1200 has been changed back to malaysian.

Under the sun,
there is no free lunch.
tis has also allowed me to pay a lot of spirit.
evening it was not easy,
everyone just want to sleep time,
I just began to prepare to go to work.
standing for 12 hours,
must carry the heavyweight,
5 hours of sleep a day,
tell me,this is I want to pay the cost?

Girls hv to work soldering,
that the smoke machine,
smoke more than poor health,
I often put it sucked.
results have been sick.

have to rely on medications every day to support.
Dizziness,headache,stomach,hand sprain.

I wan to continue to sustain,
as long as I'm hard-working overtime,
I hv to earn a month RM3000++.

Mayb next month,hv extra money,
I intend to help mummy open a provident fund account.
I hv to help her pay every month.
I can honor only these.

Have the ability, capacity,
I want to buy a car.VIOS,
tis is just I give myself a goal,
may take years to reach it.

have ambitions to be successful (^.^:)

Damn Shit!!!

A day's work,
the spirit can not concentrate,
the results scalded by hot water.

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