Apr 26, 2011

♠ The end of a quiet

I thought this is the beginning of happiness,but in the end virtually all of this quietly.At least I have a clear conscience.

In this relationship,I continue to sympathize with you and accommodate you,ur patience,and you done for me?I don't regret not blame me for the retreat,why are you able to have the heart to do this to me?I really do nothing in your heart is not it?I said:''Don't let me down completely for you,if I choose to leave,I would not come back.''

Many people told me,tis relationship was not easy, don't easily give it up.who knows,deterioration between us makes me more afraid,even a lot of time,I have chosen to open one eye,close one eye.For wat?just want to maintain the protection of this feeling.When you change attitude cold,I told myself:''You busy,I can't willful.Are you tired,so there is no accompany me.''These I can tolerate,but even once you rest for two weeks,can't accompany me?wat is a friend instead of the first row.Do you really understand it?Many people always say that I'm angry vexatious,but the story behind,who can understand?

Before making this decision,I hesitated for a long time,tis feeling is my long-awaited dream,I really want to hand draw period?In the future I will be regret?my heart really tough,don't regret falling in love with a you.I just feel that they are blind,even in the same person who fell so much back,don't put my trust in you,as a tool to deceive me,I will be very sad.

Love is painful,especially the one you love even more than other.I believe tat being loved is happy,feelings can gradually build.Next time,I decided not to love others.I let someone else love me have more cost-effective.I'm very pleased.I'd ignore that some of the people,in fact the most concerned about me.I forgot to look back,fortunately, you still by my side with me.In the time I need comforting.

If you can't give me wat I want,then don't reuse any reason to retain me,in tis quiet way to leave,don't ask for any reason,as a dream.Loved someone so hard,even if we can come together,I think the days should also not be very good.A person's pay is not enough,don't say to you timeI'll give you the time is too much ady.

The people around,we all thought tis time would be very happy very happy,but unexpected.As the story of the protagonist's you and me,but wat about this feelings?social realities,good fairy tale has not appeared.Don't be naive!

My good friend told me:''He doesn't value you,is his loss,becoz you are a willing to pay for the feelings of a woman.You are not afraid of pain,you are not afraid of suffering,know how to take care of themselves,very independent,you can handle anything,need not always dependent on men.''Becoz I was too good strong,so tat I don't need to accompany it?I'm also a woman,I will have time to want to be care.Too perfect,look no defects.Too many shortcomings,look bad.Wat reason?

I cried,
becoz to leave you.

I laughed,
becoz I'm free now.♥

Strong appearance not easily be hurt,why meet you,I once again surpasses even fragile?

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