Apr 19, 2011

♠ I want a sense of security

Behind every happy,always hide a lot of people don't know the secret.still believe,as long as a firm decision to boil down,we will be happy.Although sometimes I want to go,not hesitate to leave you again,but I don't want let go easily.So many years,I don't want to let their own regret.I said:"If you let me leave you again,you must let me thoroughly disappointed.Later after,I will not believe you,will not be back,because you let me see through it all.Finally,I'm glad that you said you would not let me down.Remember you said.

Tat her presence will cause problems between us,I believe tat everything will change,I suspect that's not wrong,her appearance will be make you feel confused,I don't want to ask so much,I want to give each other to calm down,don't want to trouble you have been feeling.because I love u so I believe you,I believe you will not let me down.

Not always accompanied,so I cherish every minute,even if you spend a little less,I feel lonely.Even the cranky all day and anxiety,would discourage me.want to let go of the idea,has been reminding myself to believe you.

I believe tis is just a torment,spent will be all right as long as,I learned to no longer be dependent on you,even if you are busy working or after work,I will not ask you to always accompany me.Us the way,morning wake up a calla phone call before going to work,a phone call after work.Perhaps the beginning,I really don't like the companionship,but now,enough for me.

Less of sweet words,let my heart feel uneasy.you sometimes also deliberately perfunctory.In fact,I just want u to care about my feelings more.sometimes deliberately drink wine,I'm not a mind want to make you angry.just a little more concern to you.

I want a sense of security,Is not at all complicated,being simple enough.I ask for much,as long as you make me feel at ease,I'm willing to listen to you.

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