Jun 10, 2011

♠ Thanks my family for my attention

Recently,I often felt the feeling of being taken seriously,long time not so strong feelings,I really thank my family.Especially my daddy,my mum and my dear sister :P

It is you,let me get back myself,I should have been happier living back grounds,you made me open it all the past,I was finally able to start again :D

u are the best!!

Dad always duplicity,I'm obviously very willing to go out to a person lives,but don't say.He made ​​me feel very sweet little trick,always find an excuse to go to Singapore Sentosa Casino,intended only to give me a ride.When I got home,actually saw a post on the desk of money,is a father to me.He worried about my every day to save money,the cook at home eat maggie noodles,told me not to save money rather than go out to eat :X

Mom asked me almost every day's work,she was afraid I would starve,almost every day I go home at night she cooks for me to eat and she always thought I was on vacation,she also cooked desserts,I brought work to eat.

I was working or enjoying life? (=.=:)##

My sister for me to make more contribution,
same with me to get up every day,also take the MRT to go out with me,really hard with her.She also mentioned the size of the package every day things,I go hungry every day,she will take me to eat something tasty.Sometimes,I slept not the relationship between,I put sheets will have to see dirty looks to her.

Really hard for you.Thank you for never angry me (^_^)*

Whim of the day,I'm very hard to organize my room again,very clean and comfortable.Reading is also more pleasing to the eye,get rid of a lot of dust.Living environment is also more clear.

I lost a lot of things,for example:reference books,school notebooks,some meaningless things.Of coz,the biggest headache is the ceiling of the dust.I use the little staircase to clean up ,flow really confused.

These are my pick of the process,found in jewelry.Surprise!!! I grow up!!!now see how these necklaces were all very young children?I admit I'm old,these things are no longer wearing me :)

This is the sisters sent me a birthday gift,I also keep a good,cherish this gift.Now we a lot less links,gradually the light a lot of friendship,but our memories still remain in the mind :D

Can u see?

A great difference , you see?

my room air corn,the accumulation of so much dust,usually I didn't notice the original so dirty,I'm start cleaning in today,know very nausea. T^T

2 more days,my birthday is coming.Time is really too soon,I'm officially 20 years old.Nothing special celebration or surprise,I just want to get better,there is enough money to reach the goal ^…………^

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