Sep 22, 2011

♠ I'm afraid of ACNE

I'm most afraid of things is finally some improvement in the face,ACNE of the face begins to grow again.WALAOZ!! I dun wan la o(╯□╰)o

I found,emotional problems gives the body a great impact.When Happy,rarely appear any problems.Bad mood,what issues are running out.The most frightening is the Acne.I can't accept lo.I hate the end of the month every month,becoz of my menstrual period time to come,my face simply can't see.wah biang oi~~~~~~bue tahan!!!

In a bad mood,I especially like to eat sweet desserts.Especially chocolate.In particular,I prefer to rely on it.When my "aunt" came to visit me,chocolate is my best medicine (^.^;)

I'm like a child,whenever I see a lot of cute things,or a lot of chocolate and candy in front,I feel better soon.Like you took a candy to the children,she will be happy and laughing the same.Sometimes,I would rather like a child forever.

I'm trying to find reasons to make myself happy,regardless of what happens,keep the smile :)

Recently the body is not very good @( ̄- ̄)@

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