Sep 28, 2011

♥ 七年。说长不长 说短不短


I have been used to things which I'm not supposed to.


Experienced numerous times in the process,I always thought that we might really do n't fate,not fit together,but in fact told me,when I sad,you will stay with me.Thx Q.
Accompanied the beginning of the day,up to now have not stopped.I like the kind of morning to night,didno't stop contact.I understand we have to work in busy.When the idle time,you will pass message to me :)

Is determined,heart bears the shadow.I fear that one day suddenly disappeared.So I can't rely on,tat kind of feeling,I really can’t accept.I tell myself,does the courage to go under?To bear the pain of losing tat?If not,don't take him as the most important.,with the action unless he proved that,you can re-accept him.

When you accompany me,I found my stubborn changed.Before,I was able to dig heart to you.Now,I expect you to pay more than me,prove that you're no longer as before.Otherwise,I really hard to believe.

终于做了这个决定 别人怎么说都不理 只要你也一样的肯定,

我知道一切不容易 我的心一直温习说服自己 最怕你突然说要放弃。

Along the way, really hard.The people around you hv a partner,the remaining only u and me.This time,do u really to cherish?

Turn a round and round ...

Are you tired? I'm tired.We gave each other a time.Time up,if we are still single,we come to a decision.Now this companionship,in fact,we should cherish.


唯一能证明 我们都比从前长大了。

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