May 20, 2011

♠ 520 means : I Love You

520 represents the mean I love you.
especially in 13:14 minutes.

please declare to the people you love it.
on this special day.

here I wish,

BOY and GIRL in love will always be happy.

Single ladies, as soon as possible to find love in my mind tat one.

Tis day reminds me of the mood at that time,

once I thought this day would be our happy day.

wat is no longer is.

I still remember those days.

The movie : Priest

One day,
I went to watch tis movie,
while the exterior looks so-so,
but seriously to see,
you will feel good.
but some pictures are disgusting.
full of excitement

Tis little dog is very agreeable favor,
I don't like the usual contact with any small animals,
but this exception.
it makes me smile to his face with a look at it.

tis is a very curious thing.
I would like to support it,
but I'm afraid not have time after work to take care of it,
just want to put it on the side with the impulse,
it will be me the most favored animals.

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