May 5, 2011

♠ Eat all day in Singapore

Wednesday is a holiday,I have not gone to Singapore Street.Recently I often insomnia,cause I'm sick of repeatedly been.Hard!!!I sleep until afternoon wake up.When I opened eyes at first glance,I saw my mother in the make-up,I'm naturally ready wake up to toilet,selection of clothing and then make up.

First stop,starting place in Toa Payoh.We went there for lunch dining,again is the dessert.Cassava dessert,almond ice longan,longan tadpoles ice.In fact,I don't want to eat dessert,only wan photographs,so I ordered a lot of desserts.My mother said:"RICH!!special place to take pictures" :X
Then I buy a lot of eye shadow.
(forgot shooting up)

I went to the cartoon shop stroll,saw a lovely doll,I wanted to buy,but expensive,and mother said:''home and bought a lot! Buy to throw away!''.So I can only fancies.Finally,I bought three MRT Card sticker,very cute!!black and white cow is the mother,I want a small dog,cats are sister.very cute!!we take a one. :P

Second stop,Longing for place in Joochiat Road.We're going to taste The famous

His family's fish is very fresh,I love it.Fairly good price,food is not bad,his only weakness is put too much MSG'm thirsty.

Singapore today,came specially to eat dinner,we think we own the bar a bit too boring.very funny!!but I like this feeling.Three mother and daughter talking and laughing in the shopping,go out,dinner.Rare mother does not get angry curse,the three of us are very happy together :)

Almost forgot the taste of egg tarts,very delicious!!The skin is very crisp,not soft,taste a lot,in particular have put the top seeds in the egg tarts.I love!!ate a very fat,I finished!!

Of course,finally,is indispensable my favorites::Starbucks Green Tea Ice Blended.I'm more in love with it,have a drink at least 1 week.I have fallen in love with it.

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