May 26, 2011

♠ Bridal make-up practice by KELLY




Since the sensitive skin after,
I no longer use the school thing,
becoz I lost faith in them.

I would rather spend money,
I don't want to let anyone destroy my face,
so I hv change new product.

The product is MELILEA.
herbal skin care products line.

I hv spent 4 days,
my mum said I light a lot of pigment,
pigmentation is obvious as before,
I don't know is not really magic,
but actually I need one,
I'm sure it
let me restore my original skin.

Originally, I would like to say,
retreat tis month not to go out,
certainly be able to save a lot of money,
unexpectedly,go out a day,
I spent RM418.50 to buy skin care products,
really sad,
no wonder my mother would say,
my skin care products and nutritional supplements are willing to spend.

One day,
model we are looking to practice bridal
I'm looking for my sister to be my model.
tis is the make-up before the photos.

Speaking of tis day, I'm very angry!I don't understand why people so unreasonable?so you can't blame I don't respect u!u started unreasonable!FUCK!!!

I he sensitive skin u caused,you didn't think of a way you don't treat me well,you still want me to make up!Face is not yours,u certainly don't tense.

you have the nerve to scold me loudly,I'm not a narrow-minded people,but I despise you now.(your face has always been like this, I see you how to everyday to find model let u make up).DAMN YOU!!!now tat you noe my face now sensitive,and more acne,u told me to make up again?then my face not more obstructed?wat is my face just the way it?you forced me to use either the foundation ZFC,my face so serious?

so are you saying,as a teacher you are such a beauty to force people?if so,I don't care to do ur students!I don't want to learn the last,my face is getting rotten.I would rather see through those fees.The last time,if you then blame,I don't make-up,I'll not step into ur School again!!!

This is designed bridal hair and make-up after,
hair is my own design,
I'm quite satisfied.
as part of the bride make-up,
I'm not very satisfied.

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